The 2015 Philadelphia Flower Show

“Celebrate the Movies” February 27 - March 8, 2015

Michael Petrie's HANDMADE GARDENS installed more square footage than any other exhibitor at

the 2015 Philadelphia Flower Show. We were involved with four major exhibits, three of which were in competitive categories.

For one of these exhibits, Prince of Persia, we had the immense pleasure of working with international award-winning Malaysian designer Lim in Chong, known as "Inch," by staging his design for his exhibit. Prince of Persia was awarded a PHS Gold Medal - Landscape.

Below are the exhibits we were part of, and their corresponding awards.


Michael Petrie’s HANDMADE GARDENS won a PHS Silver Medal - Landscape for a conceptional garden using worn fence posts to imitate tree trunks in a forest.

EXHIBIT TITLE: Into the Woods 


Winner: PHS Silver Medal - Landscape

Designer: Michael Petrie

Installed by Michael Petrie's HANDMADE GARDENS

Description: Look into the dark forest, down the narrow path and through the tangled vines ... and find your way to a secret garden of light.

                                                                                                                                                       Photo (above) by NOAH PETRIE


Behind the Scenes at Into the Woods

Designer Michael Petrie takes a break (above, left); Petrie and his wife, writer Kathye Fetsko Petrie step "Into the Woods"

at the Philadelphia Flower Show Preview Party on 2/27/2015 (above, center); The channel 6 crew at the Preview Party (above, top right); aMichael Petrie’s HANDMADE GARDENS is featured on TV (above, bottom, right).

EXHIBIT TITLE: Prince of Persia


EXHIBITOR: Inchscape, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Winner: PHS Gold Medal - Landscape

Winner: The Philadelphia Trophy - Best Use of Color (Landscape)

Winner: People’s Choice Award

DESIGNER: Lim In Chong of Inchscape, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Staged by Michael Petrie's HANDMADE GARDENS

International Best-in-Show Award-winning Malaysian designer Lim In Chong of Inchscape (above, in front of his exhibit and below, center, with Michael Petrie on the right) was awarded a PHS Gold Medal - Landscape and the Philadelphia Trophy (below, right) for his exhibit, Prince of Persia, for which Michael Petrie’s HANDMADE GARDENS was the implementing/staging partner.


Behind the Scenes with Prince of Persia



Above,top left: An early model for the Persian pavilion and (center)Prince of Persia in progress. Top right: International landscape designer Lim in Chong (“Inch”) of Inchscape, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia celebrates in front of his Persian Garden after learning his exhibit had won a PHS Gold Medal - Landscape. Bottom:, Inch receiving his gold medal onstage alongside gold-medal winners in other categories. Below: A beautiul view of the PersianGarden by Inchscape,




EXHIBITOR: Men's Garden Club of Philadelphia (MGCP)

Winner: PHS Silver Medal - Landscape

DESIGNER: Michael Petrie, member MGCP

Installed by MGCP





EXHIBITOR: Tourism Ireland (Non-Competitive)

DESIGNER: Michael Petrie

Installed by Michael Petrie's HANDMADE GARDENS

Behind the Scenes at The Quiet Man


The Quiet Man”/Tourism Ireland exhibit before (above, left) and after installation (above, center andright) and (below) as photographed by by ROB CARDILLO for the Architectural Digest website and by BILL CUNNINGHAM for the New York Times.

Above: Photo by Rob Cardillo for the Architectural Digest website. Below: Photo by BILL CUNNINGHAM of The New York Times as it appears in his  March 8, 2015 “Evening Hours” column, Sunday Styles section, page 16.


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